Gilmore Girls promotional photos.

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Anonymous asked: What are you next excited for?

theatre wise: WSS front rowwww!!! Umm and otherwise idk.. I’m excited to go back to college :’)

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Newsboys 2011-2014
Photography by Caitlin McNaney

jack + friends
↳ We’ve got faith, we’ve got the plan, and we’ve got Jack!

|52-53/100| pics of the cast of Les Misérables

wicked challenge - 5 favorite glindas: katie rose clarke





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July 26, 2014

Royal childhood treasures go on display at Buckingham Palace

Gifts given to the royals when they were children, like this rocking horse presented to Prince George by the Obamas, are just some of the star attractions in a new childhood exhibition unveiled at Buckingham Palace today.

The items are part of a collection of well-loved toys, treasured family presents, photographs and tiny outfits belonging to nine generations of royal children.

George celebrated his first birthday on Tuesday and soon after he was born US president Barack Obama and wife Michelle sent the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a blue Alpaca wool baby blanket.

It will feature in the display alongside the handmade rocking horse, which has the presidential seal on its saddle, and a polo mallet with a head made from the branch of an oak tree that once stood in the White House lawn.

The prince’s christening gown - a replica of the intricate lace and satin christening gown made for Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter in 1841 - will also be on display.

Various toy cars, tractors and tricycles ridden by royal children can also be seen, including the ultimate young boys’ toy - a scaled down version of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 sports car.

The exhibition starts from 1763 when the oldest item on display, a silver rattle, was presented to an infant Prince George, later George IV.

It also paints an intimate picture of the Queen as a child growing up and later as a mother herself, enjoying private moments with her own children.

Touching family home-movie footage will show the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret as young girls playing.

The Royal Childhood exhibition is part of a visit to the summer opening of the state rooms at Buckingham Palace and runs from July 26 to September 28.

Royal Collection Trust


Newsies (March 29, 2012 to August 24, 2014)


Four random Palais Garnier photos:

1. The grand staircase, in the 1870s or 1880s.
2. The chandelier in making. The proportions aren’t quite right, but it’s still recognizable.
3. Part of the subterranean lake, used to balance the ground. If I’ve understood it correctly it varies how flooded the various rooms are down there.
4. Charles Garnier, architect of the Parisian opera which soon enough got the nickname “Palais Garnier” - the Garnier Palace.

London Les Miserables is in DANGER! →



Why, why, why… With a fandom this big…are people not talking about THIS?

Our original London Les Miserables is, it seems in danger of being replaced by the reimagined version at or around the 30th anniversary.

Please, please, please read this interview with Cameron Mackintosh and see for yourself… A key piece is this…

"In the long-term, Mackintosh thinks it’s Les Misérables that will outlive us all. “It’s as potent in a class-room as it is on a Broadway stage.” Its revamped 25th anniversary version is being staged in 10 countries and it looks set to supplant the originating London incarnation when the 30th anniversary comes round next year.

Refreshing the look, feel and sound of his core portfolio obviously makes sense. This new version of Miss Saigon, directed by Laurence Connor (who also co-directed the new Les Misérables), will be grittier than the Nick Hytner-directed original. “We’ve been inspired by what went before but it’s less operatic, more authentic, more real.”

Please guys, if you value your original Les Mis please signal boost and sign the hell out of the petition that has been set up to voice opposition!

This is in no way bashing the reimagined version… I would love very much to see it, but most certainly not at the expense of our London original which is the only original format left.

The changes are creeping in already… Apparently the 24601 convicts look has now switched to the shaved head rather than the scraggly wig with the recent cast change.

Let’s do something while we can!

Please reblog, please tweet this, please Facebook this etc but most importantly please SIGN.

If we don’t act now it’ll be no good looking back later on and thinking ‘I wish we’d done something’.

Please don’t let the old les mis disappear!